League of Legends Skill Class 1 Teams

By: Mila8173 | 15.09.2017 - 20:34

The time has come to introduce you to the teams that made it to the Skill Class 1 in League of Legends for the upcoming Fall Season!

They are ready to show off their skills on the Summoner's Rift. Exciting rivalries between the teams and their individual players are awaiting us. So without further ado, here are our top 8 teams for the season:


They are hungry! Coming out of the break with a couple of lineup changes and after reaching 2nd place last season, Team Elvetswant at least to repeat their previous accomplishment this year. They are looking forward to putting their words into action: "...my goal with Elvets is to secure at least 2nd place again and have a shot at winning the league, everything else would be a disappointment."

Lausanne E-Sports

Last year's champion is looking very promising this year. Without losing a single game last season, they are excited to face their competition and will put everything in place to confirm last season's performance.

"As we went completely undefeated in the first season of Prefire, we have set our goals high for the second season as well. We will tackle the improved competition with all out force and try to take the prize money and the SESF title of swiss nationals."


The team of SPG is back in the field. After announcing their re-entry into the Swiss League of Legends scene only a month ago, they showed up with a team of very talented individuals, whom the cracks of the scene should be familiar with. They had little time to practice together as a team and it will show soon enough whether the new line-up will pay off already. It is certain though, they will stir up the ladder and we are happy to have them in Skill Class 1 for this season.

"We're looking forward to play some great matches and wish to all the competitors and viewers an exciting fall/winter season! - Sven "Warhammer" Keupp, Team Manager LoL Switzerland"


Noetic are back and they have their eyes fully locked on their goal. "We're very happy to take part in the next Prefire season as the first one was a good and interesting experience. I feel like it's a good way to improve the overall level of players in Switzerland, and we'll do our best to reach the top!" As a solid contender in the last Prefire season, they continue their way into the Fall Season with a strong lineup. They bring a lot of routine to the table which could lead to an exploit. Their experience will definitely put them on the radar of the competition.


mYi made the third place last season. Unfortunately, only "Greenfire" remains of that roster. Yet, their goal is clear: "After last season's third place, the only remaining player, "Greenfire", and his teammates are targeting at least second place." This certainly brings fresh air to their set and it might just be the key to an even better rank by the end of the season. On top of that, the new roster of myInsanity are well-known for their potential. So, mYi certainly looks promising on paper and it will definitely be exciting to see them fight in our SK1.


Prismatic is starring the youngest player of Prefire the League this season. It is great to see an organisation which cherishes the idea of a family, to give young talents a chance to grow. Age aside, player S0R3X155 knows what they are aiming for: "Our main goal is to reach the finals and to try to win them. Also having a great organisation like Prismatic and the partnership with ArcticGaming makes us confident to reach this goal."

Aeros Restia

Squirtle Squad

Neither team issued a statement for the upcoming season. But words do not matter as much as objectives and kills. It should be interesting to see the two perform among the other teams in the Skill Class 1. No one knows what to expect which will lead to a surprise in either way. For now, Aeros Restia looks ready to compete. Squirtle Squad, on the other hand, has yet to put a team of five together. Time will show how and where they will fit - but fit they will, as both earned a spot in the SK1 for a reason.

These are the competitors for the upcoming fall season. On the 18th of September, the first minions will be spawning and we at Prefire hope you are as much excited to see these teams fight each other as we are. We will keep you up to date on the current season as always on Prefire.ch