Introducing the CS: GO Skill Class 1 teams

By: de_Laubi | 26.08.2017 - 21:36

The PTL’s summer break ends in less than two weeks and the time has finally come to present to you the eight contestants in the Skill Class One of the Prefire Counter-Strike League. These teams have proven themselves to be the best of Switzerland over the last season. Starting on Monday the 4th of September, they will strive for the Swiss National Champion title in CS:GO.

The following teams and talents are playing in the Skill Class One for the Counter-Strike Fall Season 2017:

- Former Bezerk CH team, now “unnamed”

with spIder, kAYd9iN, bNt, Sacred and tahsin

- Red Instinct Rising Stars, henceforth under BERZERK CH

with carlsoN, SolEk, Mali, eleKz, Merca and JiNKZ

- SPGeSports

with Chilla, rustyy, igoRRR and two TBD


with rMo (TC), dnz, zuLLEE, Simu_, str1x

- Swissfinest ®

with r0b, HeyPynello, zed, narelya, dexxM

- Fragment Esports with pade, JUST Evo, refo, rooksn, priveN


with Ematrion, mupo, CerealHit, pismice and TBD

- Former whitecross and henceforth mYinsanity eSport

with TeRMi, karlze, DASH, mou$$, and JAIKA

whitecross” conquered Skill Class Two and flawlessly entered the relegation matches. Needless to say, they won and rightfully earned a spot among the top tier of the Swiss Counter-Strike scene. Meanwhile, the former mYinsanity team had to be disqualified and the players were released by and from mYinsanity. Following this turmoil, “whitecross” was acquired by mYinsanity under which this team will henceforth perform. For the upcoming season, and after this seemingly easy run through SK2.1, it will be interesting to see the former “whitecross” players TeRMi, karlze, DASH, mou$$, and JAIKA under the new flag and among the other Swiss top-teams.

E-LVETS CREAM had a tough first season in the Skill Class One. With a negative round difference of eleven, one draw, and six losses they were forced into the relegation matches. However there, they were able to stand their ground. The fall season will reveal whether they can do better than clinging on the top. The season will require a peak performance by them throughout the seven rounds but it will be interesting to find out whether Ematrion, mupo, CerealHit and pismice, who make the core of the team, can spark a storm and kick up the ladder.

Fragment Esports could accumulate three draws but lost the other four rounds during the last season. They, too, had to prove themselves in the relegation matches and successfully did. Yet, however tough the last season was, the owner Pade, alias pwnex, is thrilled to partake in the Skill Class One again: “I’m sure the Fall Season will be a very exciting one and I hope for many good matches to be played and eventually streamed”. He and his entourage consisting of ROOKSN, priveN, Just Evo, and refo seem ready and want to tackle the season ambitiously: “Our main goal is to be [at the finals] for sure.” Time will show whether the break will bear fruits but it is clear already that Fragment Esports feels confident for the upcoming Fall Season.

Swissfinest ® could inherit the slot from a second team by SPGeSports which was forced to dissolve due to new rulings. Slot owner Simu_, former owner and member of this second team and now member of SILENTGAMING.cs, handed down their slot to r0b from Swissfinest ®. It is hard to tell where the finest will enqueue among the other teams. However, at the Digitec Cup they were able to win second place despite some communication problems. “During the cup we had some communication issues, so we rather wanted some German speaking players,” discloses the team captain r0b. They won second place at the Digitec Cup and for the upcoming season, the Swiss-german speaking core is getting additional support. “With HeyPynello and dexxM we found two very good additions [to our team]. Both players already played in very good Swiss-german teams.” A smart move which will surely boost their performance. “So far everyone is extremely motivated”, continues r0b, “our goals within the team is to win as many games as possible and to qualify for the offline finals. For the Fall Season 2017, zed, r0b, narely, HeyPynello and dexxM are clearly ready to leave their marks with their new team.

SILENTGAMING.CS successfully claimed a spot for the playoffs last season. During the regular phase they could win twice and drew fourth times. This in combination with a higher +/- round ratio allowed them to fight against the other top-four teams in the playoffs. There, the CS branch of SILENTGAMING lost the first two games of the BO3 semifinal. After that, the small final followed in which they went zero in two as well. Consequently, they ended their season on the decent fourth place. They made the playoffs which proves that rMo, str1x, dnz, zuLLEE, Simu_ and stand-in rid3r are a force to be reckoned with for the Fall Season 2017 as well.

SPGeSports entered the playoffs of the last season on the third position and had to face the second team. There, they lost in a close semifinal 1:2 against the team who would eventually win the league. Chilla, the team captain, is looking forward to the season and cannot wait to see how igoRRR will perform next to rusty and Chilla himself: “The Prefire league will be the first test for our new lineup and we hope to reach the playoffs again and discover our true potential.” The organisation has yet to announce their four and fifth player to complete the roster but it is looking promising already as SPGeSports has proven to be capable of winning against the very best.

Red Instinct Rising Stars, and now under BERZERK CH, led the ladder at the end of the last season - the five wins and the two draws made sure of that. They won the semifinal 2:0 and advanced to the grand final. At this point, RIRS had not lost a single game and right then and there, when it must not happen, the team tanked and lost 0:2. They lost 10:16 on the first and got served an unconditional 3:16 defeat on the following map. That was a surprising ending to what had been a rock-solid season thus far. With this in mind, there is no doubt that for the Fall Season 2017, the owner carlsoN and the players SolEk, Mali, eleKz and JiNKZ want to return with a vengeance and claim the Swiss National title as the new BERZERK CH.

The former team under the flag of BERZERK CH, now “unnamed”, entered the playoffs of last season with the second place and had to play against the third. Although they conceded a round to them, the former BERZERKs continued on into the grand final where they met what seemed to be Goliath. However, as touched on above already, they won the championship match-up in such an irrefutably clear fashion that they left everyone with their assumptions and expectations flat. Team owner spIder, and the players kAYd9iN, bNt, Sacred and tahsin led the team to its the first PTL Counter Strike Champion title. SpIder and the team delivered an overall great performance throughout the regular season. During the playoffs, they could summon the necessary willpower and coupled it with nerves of steel to win the title. It is safe to assume that now, with the lurking Swiss National Champion title for the upcoming Fall Season, anything less than the finals will be a disappointment to them.

It begins on Monday the fourth of September. Stay tuned for more information and be ready when it all begins. There will be streams, live-casting, as well as news for any development during the season. Visit the website regularly and follow us on Facebook and Twitter to keep an eye on the stats and to see which team is crystallising out or who is falling off. If you wish to be part of the league, you can easily join the league free of any charge. Form a team of your own and join the ladder! Our Discord server offers a convenient place to find additional teammates!