Hearthstone Skill Class 1 invites

By: Mila8173 | 06.08.2017 - 14:38

Get your decks out - it’s time for Hearthstone. We’re presenting the first five of the eight players of Skill Class 1 for the upcoming Prefire Fall League of Hearthstone.

First off we have Karomizu from SILENTGAMING. Then from Lausanne e-Sports we’ll see YounTheory and Hypno. Up next Cleanbandit from myInsanity and last but not least the freelance fondueCN all by himself.

They will be competing in Skill Class 1 in the first ever Hearthstone Season by Prefire.ch, starting off on 28. August. The contenders will be playing against each other for seven weeks. After that there will be relegation and playoff matches to determine the best players from both skill classes. Who will be the first ever Hearthstone champion in Prefire history? Find out on our prefire.ch and our social media platforms: facebook.com/prefiretheleague and twitter.com/prefire_ch