IeSF LoL Qualifier#2 recap

By: Mila8173 | 02.08.2017 - 22:35

The IeSF Qualifier#2 is over and the second contender at the offline tournament for the opportunity to compete at the IeSF World Championships in Busan is mYinsanity. They have beaten FREE with 2-0 in a tough final and proved that they deserve the last spot.

Just like in the first qualifier, mYi could start the quarterfinals with a free ticket where they met slay69. They won the matchup 1-0 and entered the semi-finals. There, they met Elvets VC who had beaten IGA.

This match was filled with action from very early on. First blood went to Elvets VC who started out with a 5-man bottom lane gank. There, they took down mYi?s Polo after only 47 seconds.

However, Elvets VC could not keep up this pressure level. ADC Polo, on the other hand, maintained pressure himself until mid-game. With his performance, Team mYi was able to get four dragons while the Elvets could not take any towers. Still, they held on and punished every mistake mYi made. But in the end, mYi regained their composure and closed game one of the semi-finals after 34 minutes.

Game two started slow but had some interesting picks on both sides. Most especially mYi?s Sioser who had chosen the freshly reworked Urgot to play on the top-lane. Both teams could trade kills back and forth until mid-game. However then, Vango started to scale hard with his Cassiopeia. Even though mYi took the Baron early, at the 20-minute marker, it was not enough for them to close the bag yet.

Elvets VC punished every single misplay mYi made and had them fight for every inch of the lanes. Yet, mYi was making ground and moved into the base of Elvets VC eventually. All seemed lost at that point and Team mYi was clearing the remaining turrets. However, a freshly respawned Tziz swiped three mYi-members with Orianna?s Shockwave under the Nexus turrets and aced mYi. Succeedingly, the Elvets VC claimed the respawned Baron. This helped them defend their base immensely.

But it was too late. All together, mYi?s combined damage, three infernal drakes in their pocket and a 10k gold lead, proved to be too much for Elvet VC. This was it, mYi won and finished the semi-finals with a 2-0 streak.

Meanwhile on the other side of the bracket, Vic had won against AR and moved to the semifinals. There, they were greeted by FREE who, after a carte blanche, had beat noetic.

The two teams literally clashed and the BO3 went into the final round which FREE won. With that game wrapped up, we had our two teams for the second IeSF Qualifier Final: mYi, who came back to take a second shot after losing against a very strong eLS in the first qualifier, versus FREE, who beat VIC 2-1.

After a 30 minute break, the Finals began. mYi?s Vango demonstrated what a mid-lane Jayce can do. He dominated Free?s unlucky Luke on Corki with multiple takedowns and tower-dives immediately. Greenfire was doing what he does best and put pressure on all lanes with Elise. Free was struggling to counter mYi?s consistent pressure which came from all direction. Eventually, after 23 minutes, they cracked and mYi won the first round one of the BO3.

mYi had won game one with a lot of roams and good pickups on all lanes. Game two started in the same fashion and, until the 20-minute marker, it looked like history would repeat itself in game two. But then Free could split up mYi?s team and shut down three of its members.

This took away mYi?s gold advantage and seemed to bring Free back into the game. Nevertheless, it all came down to a team fight. The ten players were facing each other at the Baron pit in what turned out to be the game decider. Team mYi dominated Free and claimed the ace, continued to take down the Baron and the game was over.

mYi are going to the offline tournament where they will meet eLS. The two teams met last week in the final of the first qualifier. It will be interesting to see whether eLS can repeat their performance against mYi or whether mYi will be able to turn the tables. Either way, we are about to witness the beginning of a great rivalry. Make space in your calendar and keep August the 6th open to find out who will gank their way to Busan in the offline finals hosted by the eStudios Zurich.