Rocketleague Fall Season 2017

By: Mila8173 | 28.07.2017 - 20:07

Listen up rocketeers, the time has come for some serious aerials and goals that make you scream for more. Get some boost and polish your rims: It's time for the Prefire Rocket League Fall Season!

We are proudly announcing the very first Rocket League Season in our history. This fall, we take off into the season on the 11th September. Being the first Prefire Rocket League season, we're looking forward to intense battles between the contenders and beautiful plays by their star-players!

We hunger after seeing who's around in this 3v3 clash of the titans in the Swiss Rocket League scene and are eager to find out who can claim their slice of the prize pool of 875 CHF!

During the intense 7 weeks of the league, we will keep you up to date on the shifts and shuffles between the rivalling teams on Who will take the first trophy by claiming dominance over the other teams and be the very first Prefire Rocket League Champion?

Sign up here. Bring your team to fight for the title and make history! Be there and clash with the best of the country for honour and victory