IeSF LoL Qualifier #1 recap

By: Mila8173 | 24.07.2017 - 19:46

The IeSF Qualifier#1 is over and, after defeating mYinsanity 2-1, LausanneEsports takes the first spot in the offline tournament to compete at the IeSF 2017 World Championships.

After entering with a free ticket, eLS meets TILT on the Summoner's Rift and heads victoriously into the semi-finals against FREE. This puts them on a 2-0 streak in the tournament so far.
Meanwhile, mYi starts out with a free ticket as well and beats SCHOCH. In the semi-finals, mYi faces IGA. After a sick tower dive on the bottom lane, mYi draws first-blood with a double kill by ADC Polo.

During the first game, ADC Polo continues to dominate his lane undisputedly. mYi finishs the first game of the semi-finals with a strong 1-0 against IGA.
However, it is a BO3 after all and anything is still possible! But then, IGA meets Greenfire - aka DracinisFanboy. Greenfire puts all lanes under constant pressure early on and gives IGA zero chances for a turnaround. After a literal bloodbath on the Rift, IGA surrenders with twice the amount of gold in their pockets at the surrender mark. MYi wins 2-0 and begins a streak as well.

In the finals, mYi is struggling right away and finds no answer against eLS. mYi gives the impression that all hope is lost for game one of the IeSF Qualifier#1 finals. eLS wins the game flawlessly and crushes mYi's spirit.
In game two, the tides begin to change. ADC Polo courageously chases down the two remaining eLS members who are trying to get away after they had lost a team fight at the baron. He picks them up solo for a double kill to complete the ace.

With a lot of pressure from a 5k HP Cho'Gath, mYi equalizes the score and we prepare for a showdown in game number three.

The final game takes off with an intense phase of pure domination on parts of eLS at the bottom lane - lead by eLS' Caitlyn/Morgana combo which puts mYi's Sivir/Thresh duo in place. The huge range of Caitlyn proves to be too much for mYi's team and after a crushing quadra by Gifted Noname securing the ace for eLS, the game is over.

eLS wins the IeSF Qualifier#1. Up next for eLS is the offline tournament to compete for a ticket to enter the IeSF World Championships 2017 in Korea.

If you're looking for more action be there on 30.07.2017 for Qualifier#2 and some more insane plays on the Summoner?s Rift.