Prefire 1.5 Release

By: rMo | 06.07.2017 - 20:58

Prefire the League proudly presents the PTL page v1.5! The page has been reworked to better accommodate the needs of flourishing leagues and action-packed cups. Alongside a graphical rework there have been multiple bug fixes as well as several new features!

  • Responsive Design to improve the browsing experience on all your devices!
  • Overview of active Swiss streamers. You don't know what to watch after hard day at work? Check out our page, maybe your favorite Swiss streamer is live now! Or simply add your own stream! Our staff will review it and release it for everyone to see.
  • The new, constantly updated, Event Calendar will provide you with all current events happening in the Swiss esports scene. Did we miss your event? Here it is also possible to add your event on the page, which will be released to the public after a careful review.
  • Soon to be added are a live Twitter feed to follow the latest talk about Prefire the League and a "surprise feature", about which we will tell you more at a later time.

Statement Michael "chline" Bieri

First of all I want to thank all volunteering helpers that invested thousands of hours in the last seven months. Without them this project wouldn't have been possible. I'm more than happy that we found a partner and sponsor like World of Games, which is supporting our plans, in such a short time.

With the release of Prefire 1.5 we want to offer the Swiss community a platform that contains more than cups and leagues. That's why we decided to implement some cool new features. After the go-live of Prefire 1.5 the majority of our developers will take up their work for Prefire 2.0 (planned release in the beginning of 2018). It is our vision to transform the PTL into a central platform for all Swiss gamers, like gamersnet once was.

Lastly my thanks go to the whole eSports & gaming community of Switzerland for the shown trust in us and our work. We are always try to listen your wishes and integrate your feedback wherever possible.

We're looking forward to a good 2017, many exciting cups and leagues.

We want to thank everyone working hard and sacrificing their free time to make this update happen. Special thanks go out to Remo "rMo" Blaser & Michele "finalgamer" Della Neve who did the coding as well as Marco "blAke" Bugno who reworked our design.

Last but not least: We're aware that there are still some bugs. Some might be known to us, others might not. If you encounter a Bug, please let us know via discord, twitter or similar. Thank you!


chline on 07.07.2017 01:47
nice work remo :)
rMo on 07.07.2017 08:56