Interview "Ikewolf" from Servette Geneva Esports

By: Mila8173 | 20.06.2017 - 21:01

Servette Geneva Esports won the Rocket League cup last Saturday. We interviewed their player Simon "Ikewolf" Mattei and asked him a few questions about the tournament.

First of all, how did you like the tournament? Do you think it was well organized?
It was nice and well organized, but I think the main point to improve was the seeding or adding a loser bracket. Our most close match was the very first round, where we won in the overtime of the last game. It's kinda sad to not see this team further into the tournament.

What do you think about the teams, did you know some of them already?
I knew MS, Lausanne, ELV, SILENT. We played a bunch of LAN finals against lausanne already, and I personally played against 2 members of MS in the Fantasy Basel final 2 months ago. I used to play with ELV before joining Servette. And same we played SILENT at some point in the fantasy basel qualifiers.

Who do you think was or could have been your biggest “enemy” in this Cup?
Looking at the roster I thought MS would be our biggest opponent. They indeed added Stake to their roster, which is a very talented spanish player. But in the end the team that almost took us out of the tourney was! I didn't know any of the players in their team. They played defense very well. Lausanne was also a threat but we played really well in the final.

You play in the team Servette Geneva eSports, is this a spontaneous team, or will we see this combination more often in Swiss tournaments?
I'm not sure how much I can say about that, but all you need to know is that you will very surely hear that name again in the near future!

Do you have any feedback for the Prefire team to make their next Cup better, what didn’t you like about the Cup?
Well as I said earlier add a loser bracket or make a better seeding. Overall the cup was great tho, great responsiveness from the admins.

Will we see you in the future cups of Prefire?
As much as we can!