LoL Playoffs Recap

By: Aspartem | 20.06.2017 - 19:56

Great weather and a jam-packed weekend full of League of Legends goodness - ya could not wish for more! Four incredible series were shown on the two stream days and we had an average viewer count of 54 people Saturday and a consistent +90 during the finals!

But let's start at the beginning! First on stream were mYi and RodG and oh boy, did we kick-off with a weird one. Both teams stomped each other in game 1 & 2 in around 20 minutes each.
First mYi counter-picked themselves with their J4 into Bandõs Kennen, who by the way made the sickest play of the playoffs, resulting in him crushing his lane and ending up with 13/2/3 score. And in game 2 mYi brought out the Twitch/Lulu combination and concentrated their effort onto the botlane to force feed Schenck as many kills as possible.

Weirdly enough RodG didn't ban or pick anything of the bot lane that just crushed them in game 2, thus their struggle continued in the last round. Trying to overpower mYi elsewhere they played aggressively around mid, diving the Anivia a little bit too aggressive and promptly got punished by Greenfires Elise and RodG loses both midlaner and jungler. This allowed Greenfire to use that momentum for ganks all over the place. He had a 90% kill participation until the very end of the game.

Meanwhile the two Arctic teams had their derby off-screen. Even though Arctic Moon was "only" the 2nd team, their performance improved steadily during the season compared to Arctic Revolution and culminated in a 2-0 victory during the playoffs.

Both mYi and Moon were now facing two teams they could never beat so far and it should stay this way for a little longer. Both Lausanne-Sport and E-LVETS dismantled their opponents completely. Not one of the 4 games lasted longer than 23 minutes! Total dominance.
Fast forward to the next day, where everyone was expecting two tense series! Sadly though Arctic Moon had to give in forfeit shortly before the match was about to begin, because some of their players couldn't participate. mYi got a default win and subsequently scored the 3rd place of the season!

That left us with a big lunch break leading up to the last and final series of the season. The big favourite Lausanne-Esport versus a very promising looking E-LVETS line up! And don't let the 3-0 score fool you, that series was definitely not as one-sided as it may seem.

Well, except the first game I guess. E-LVETS seemed to be in a stupor, making mistakes on the micro level and just generally being very impatient with their plays constantly forcing themselves to one-up Lausanne-Sports. And as we already established in previous recaps, Lausanne is merciless when it comes to punishing mistakes. Overstepping your line is usually greeted with a one-way ticket to the fountain.

That hasty attitude changed dramatically in the next match. Want to hear some crazy stats? 48 minutes, 60 kills, nearly 200'000 gold, 6 destroyed Inhibitors and 3 Barons & 1 Elder Dragon. ELV became way more patient in their plays and even more focused in their executions. They got turret FB, managed to out-trade on turrets and constantly pressured ELS for the first 20 minutes.
Lausanne managed to climb back into the leading position by winning two team fights smoothly between minutes 20-25, changing the score from 5-8 to a whopping 12-21 lead. Pride on his (in)famous Gankplank always found a way to sneak barrels into the middle of the E-LVETS formation. From that point onwards the game escalated.

First ELV scores an ace while defending their inhibitor on bot lane. They couldn't do much more than defending though, because mid lane was wide open. A constant struggle between protecting their open inhibitors versus the double teleport + Twisted Fate line up and contesting Baron ensued for the next 20 minutes resulting in the mind boggling statistics mentioned earlier. At this point i'd recommend you watching the game for yourself (click here, timestamp 1:15:44) , because the last minutes easily take up as much space as the rest of this recap! A truly epic match!

Many teams, after struggling really hard as the underdog and losing out in the end anyway, have a hard time regaining their focus immediately for the next round. The E-LVETS team fell victim to this too, reverting their play style back to game 1. With their backs against the wall they again were forcing plays, which promptly got punished by eLS over and over again. Lausanne showed their early game dominance once again.

Cdrics Le Blanc managed to grab some kills due to marvellous flanks in the midgame and together with Raz' fancy feet on Kalista and Talosin (substitute player) solid performance on Gragas they got a foot back into the game around the 20 minute mark, but only in terms of kills! Lausanne cracked down on their opponents turrets whenever they got the slightest opportunity to do so.

The gold lead however stayed relatively close. At 30 mins we were at 26:26 in kills and only a relative mild gold lead of 5k for eLS. After VISA6S got a pick on Cdric, they started a baron dance, where eLS could position themselves in the pit first and gain vision control on top of being a 4v5 situation. During the team fight that broke out after Baron Lausanne got 3 clean kills, destroyed the mid inhibitor and regrouped themselves for a push on not lane.
In a last Hail Mary attempt E-LVETS tried to defend their inhibitor but engaged before their ADC was with the team. Lausanne used this opportunity and steamrolled their enemies 5v4 to the 3:0 victory!

Therefore we'd like to congratulate Lausanne-Sports Navy once more to their 1st place in the first season of the League of Legends - Prefire The League.
We hope both the players and you viewers (and readers) had a great time and that we can welcome you back in the next season