The PTL LoL - Relegations Recap

By: Aspartem | 05.06.2017 - 20:49

All three relegation matches were played this weekend. Both the SK2 and SK1 teams successfully defended their spots in their respective skill classes!

Thus we want to congratulate Ecorp Neutrality, Team Happy Feat and Aeros Restia to their victories!


SK2 vs SK1

Aeros Restia 2 : 1 ERQ Black

SK3 vs SK2

Ecorp Neutrality 2 : 0 Rich Gang CH
Team Happy Feat 2 : 0 Arctic Horizon

The matches Aeros Restia vs ERQ Black and Ecorp Neutrality vs Rich Gang CH were both casted on our channel We obviously got a VOD in store for those who missed it yesterday!

First on screen were Ecorp and Rich Gang CH. Both teams consisted of fairly well known players, which had played in bigger organisations before, so we were expecting a great display of individual skills, though maybe not the greatest macro / team play possible.

The games were pretty bloody and fairly short. In both rounds the flow of the game was identical; Rich Gang CH found some early kills and took control of the early game with constant aggression and explosive line ups. First getting their Kassadin fed and in the second game giving most kills to their Akali, both piloted by TONI (aka Hype).

Ecorp wasn't fazed by their opponents dominance and found a way to punish small mistakes in team fights during the midgame, always getting some juicy objectives afterwards on top of it. With the objective game in their control they turned around the gold lead twice and scored two solid victories in a row, securing their spot in the SK2.

I don't know if Aeros and ERQ watched the first games, but the teams must have picked up the blood rage from the earlier confrontation. A whopping 55 champions were slain in this 52 minute thriller of a game!

Multiple barons, baron steals, team kills and a metric ton of team fight made the first match a must-see game and I highly recommend to watch the VOD (Timestamps: 3:20:02 pick/ban, 3:31:25 game start)

Sadly the follow up games weren't as crisp. ERQ switched to what had to be comfort picks for game 2 & 3, which always left them with suboptimal line ups in my opinion. Both times they got under pressure really early and subsequently fell apart as a team. Ecorp noticed this and just went full throttle and ended the latter games before the 25 minute mark. Well done!

For those who're wondering, why there was only one SK2 vs SK1 game, here the link to the explanation!