Prefire goes Hearthstone

Are you ready to shuffle your cards and master your decks?

You'd better be - the prefire Hearthstone league is coming!

This autumn we will welcome the next game in our ranks. With Hearthstone we will provide a Swiss platform for another big eSports title. In total there will be a prize pool of 800 CHF to fight over in a best-of-five conquest mode.

Further information concerning the rules and league format can be found on our page soon.

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Prefire supports the Zürich Game Show!

We got some great news for our League of Legends and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive out here!

Together with SILENTGAMING and Wesports we will organize the Swiss Gaming Challenge of CS:GO and a LoL tournament at the Zurich Game Show - and who knows maybe there is more to come soon...

The sign-up phase will begin in August and we will soon deliver you some more information about the whole process, so stay up to date on our Social Media chans!

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Prefire 1.5 Release

Prefire the League proudly presents the PTL page v1.5! The page has been reworked to better accommodate the needs of flourishing leagues and action-packed cups. Alongside a graphical rework there have been multiple bug fixes as well as several new features!

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Interview "Ikewolf" from Servette Geneva Esports

Servette Geneva Esports won the Rocket League cup last Saturday. We interviewed their player Simon "Ikewolf" Mattei and asked him a few questions about the tournament.

First of all, how did you like the tournament? Do you think it was well organized?
It was nice and well organized, but I think the main point to improve was the seeding or adding a loser bracket. Our most close match was the very first round, where we won in the overtime of the last game. It's kinda sad to not see this team further into the tournament.

What do you think about the teams, did you know some of them already?
I knew MS, Lausanne, ELV, SILENT. We played a bunch of LAN finals against lausanne already, and I personally played against 2 members of MS in the Fantasy Basel final 2 months ago. I used to play with ELV before joining Servette. And same we played SILENT at some point in the fantasy basel qualifiers.

Who do you think was or could have been your biggest “enemy” in this Cup?
Looking at the roster I thought MS would be our biggest opponent. They indeed added Stake to their roster, which is a very talented spanish player. But in the end the team that almost took us out of the tourney was! I didn't know any of the players in their team. They played defense very well. Lausanne was also a threat but we played really well in the final.

You play in the team Servette Geneva eSports, is this a spontaneous team, or will we see this combination more often in Swiss tournaments?
I'm not sure how much I can say about that, but all you need to know is that you will very surely hear that name again in the near future!

Do you have any feedback for the Prefire team to make their next Cup better, what didn’t you like about the Cup?
Well as I said earlier add a loser bracket or make a better seeding. Overall the cup was great tho, great responsiveness from the admins.

Will we see you in the future cups of Prefire?
As much as we can!

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LoL Playoffs Recap

Great weather and a jam-packed weekend full of League of Legends goodness - ya could not wish for more! Four incredible series were shown on the two stream days and we had an average viewer count of 54 people Saturday and a consistent +90 during the finals!

But let's start at the beginning! First on stream were mYi and RodG and oh boy, did we kick-off with a weird one. Both teams stomped each other in game 1 & 2 in around 20 minutes each.
First mYi counter-picked themselves with their J4 into Bandõs Kennen, who by the way made the sickest play of the playoffs, resulting in him crushing his lane and ending up with 13/2/3 score. And in game 2 mYi brought out the Twitch/Lulu combination and concentrated their effort onto the botlane to force feed Schenck as many kills as possible.

Weirdly enough RodG didn't ban or pick anything of the bot lane that just crushed them in game 2, thus their struggle continued in the last round. Trying to overpower mYi elsewhere they played aggressively around mid, diving the Anivia a little bit too aggressive and promptly got punished by Greenfires Elise and RodG loses both midlaner and jungler. This allowed Greenfire to use that momentum for ganks all over the place. He had a 90% kill participation until the very end of the game.

Meanwhile the two Arctic teams had their derby off-screen. Even though Arctic Moon was "only" the 2nd team, their performance improved steadily during the season compared to Arctic Revolution and culminated in a 2-0 victory during the playoffs.

Both mYi and Moon were now facing two teams they could never beat so far and it should stay this way for a little longer. Both Lausanne-Sport and E-LVETS dismantled their opponents completely. Not one of the 4 games lasted longer than 23 minutes! Total dominance.
Fast forward to the next day, where everyone was expecting two tense series! Sadly though Arctic Moon had to give in forfeit shortly before the match was about to begin, because some of their players couldn't participate. mYi got a default win and subsequently scored the 3rd place of the season!

That left us with a big lunch break leading up to the last and final series of the season. The big favourite Lausanne-Esport versus a very promising looking E-LVETS line up! And don't let the 3-0 score fool you, that series was definitely not as one-sided as it may seem.

Well, except the first game I guess. E-LVETS seemed to be in a stupor, making mistakes on the micro level and just generally being very impatient with their plays constantly forcing themselves to one-up Lausanne-Sports. And as we already established in previous recaps, Lausanne is merciless when it comes to punishing mistakes. Overstepping your line is usually greeted with a one-way ticket to the fountain.

That hasty attitude changed dramatically in the next match. Want to hear some crazy stats? 48 minutes, 60 kills, nearly 200'000 gold, 6 destroyed Inhibitors and 3 Barons & 1 Elder Dragon. ELV became way more patient in their plays and even more focused in their executions. They got turret FB, managed to out-trade on turrets and constantly pressured ELS for the first 20 minutes.
Lausanne managed to climb back into the leading position by winning two team fights smoothly between minutes 20-25, changing the score from 5-8 to a whopping 12-21 lead. Pride on his (in)famous Gankplank always found a way to sneak barrels into the middle of the E-LVETS formation. From that point onwards the game escalated.

First ELV scores an ace while defending their inhibitor on bot lane. They couldn't do much more than defending though, because mid lane was wide open. A constant struggle between protecting their open inhibitors versus the double teleport + Twisted Fate line up and contesting Baron ensued for the next 20 minutes resulting in the mind boggling statistics mentioned earlier. At this point i'd recommend you watching the game for yourself (click here, timestamp 1:15:44) , because the last minutes easily take up as much space as the rest of this recap! A truly epic match!

Many teams, after struggling really hard as the underdog and losing out in the end anyway, have a hard time regaining their focus immediately for the next round. The E-LVETS team fell victim to this too, reverting their play style back to game 1. With their backs against the wall they again were forcing plays, which promptly got punished by eLS over and over again. Lausanne showed their early game dominance once again.

Cdrics Le Blanc managed to grab some kills due to marvellous flanks in the midgame and together with Raz' fancy feet on Kalista and Talosin (substitute player) solid performance on Gragas they got a foot back into the game around the 20 minute mark, but only in terms of kills! Lausanne cracked down on their opponents turrets whenever they got the slightest opportunity to do so.

The gold lead however stayed relatively close. At 30 mins we were at 26:26 in kills and only a relative mild gold lead of 5k for eLS. After VISA6S got a pick on Cdric, they started a baron dance, where eLS could position themselves in the pit first and gain vision control on top of being a 4v5 situation. During the team fight that broke out after Baron Lausanne got 3 clean kills, destroyed the mid inhibitor and regrouped themselves for a push on not lane.
In a last Hail Mary attempt E-LVETS tried to defend their inhibitor but engaged before their ADC was with the team. Lausanne used this opportunity and steamrolled their enemies 5v4 to the 3:0 victory!

Therefore we'd like to congratulate Lausanne-Sports Navy once more to their 1st place in the first season of the League of Legends - Prefire The League.
We hope both the players and you viewers (and readers) had a great time and that we can welcome you back in the next season.

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Hearthstone Summer Cup

Shuffle your cards, is time to play! We present you the first Prefire Hearthstone summer cup.

After our last Hearthstone cup in spring drew many card masters to the tavern, we hope to do so again during the summer break.
Starting at 14:00 on 2nd of July the cup will provide slots for 32 teams. Depending on the amount of registrations, we might even increase the field to 64 slots.

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The PTL LoL - Relegations Recap

All three relegation matches were played this weekend. Both the SK2 and SK1 teams successfully defended their spots in their respective skill classes!

Thus we want to congratulate Ecorp Neutrality, Team Happy Feat and Aeros Restia to their victories!


SK2 vs SK1

Aeros Restia 2 : 1 ERQ Black

SK3 vs SK2

Ecorp Neutrality 2 : 0 Rich Gang CH
Team Happy Feat 2 : 0 Arctic Horizon

The matches Aeros Restia vs ERQ Black and Ecorp Neutrality vs Rich Gang CH were both casted on our channel We obviously got a VOD in store for those who missed it yesterday!

First on screen were Ecorp and Rich Gang CH. Both teams consisted of fairly well known players, which had played in bigger organisations before, so we were expecting a great display of individual skills, though maybe not the greatest macro / team play possible.

The games were pretty bloody and fairly short. In both rounds the flow of the game was identical; Rich Gang CH found some early kills and took control of the early game with constant aggression and explosive line ups. First getting their Kassadin fed and in the second game giving most kills to their Akali, both piloted by TONI (aka Hype).

Ecorp wasn't fazed by their opponents dominance and found a way to punish small mistakes in team fights during the midgame, always getting some juicy objectives afterwards on top of it. With the objective game in their control they turned around the gold lead twice and scored two solid victories in a row, securing their spot in the SK2.

I don't know if Aeros and ERQ watched the first games, but the teams must have picked up the blood rage from the earlier confrontation. A whopping 55 champions were slain in this 52 minute thriller of a game!

Multiple barons, baron steals, team kills and a metric ton of team fight made the first match a must-see game and I highly recommend to watch the VOD (Timestamps: 3:20:02 pick/ban, 3:31:25 game start)

Sadly the follow up games weren't as crisp. ERQ switched to what had to be comfort picks for game 2 & 3, which always left them with suboptimal line ups in my opinion. Both times they got under pressure really early and subsequently fell apart as a team. Ecorp noticed this and just went full throttle and ended the latter games before the 25 minute mark. Well done!

For those who're wondering, why there was only one SK2 vs SK1 game, here the link to the explanation!

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Season Recap & Outlook on Playoffs

The first season is reaching its end and we wanted to use that opportunity to take a short glance back on what happened in the past weeks!

Most of the expectations were met, with the invited teams proving that they are still the top dogs in the Swiss scene. Only exception being Romandy Gaming, which even though they had a no-show managed to dodge relegations. Lausanne-Sport managed to go through the regular season completely unbeaten. Not even a single round did they drop!

The runner ups also undeniably earned their ranks too, with E-LVETS on second losing only to Lausanne-Sport and mYi only losing to both these teams.

On the other side of the scoreboard Aeros Restia and SSG will face ImProve.Gaming and ERQ Black respectively to fight for their spot in skill class 1. Both ImProve and ERQ are teams which have been around for quite some time and also have had some good line-ups in the past. The upcoming weekend will show if they've the qualities to snatch away the spots from the top league teams.

All in all the regular season was a great experience personally and I was able to witness and cast some great games on stream. It is a little unfortunate though, that some teams had recurring issues which led to too many no-shows for my taste - let's hope we will see more consistency in that regard in the future!

But we are also not completely done with this season yet. Next to the relegations we still have the Playoffs ahead!

Lausanne-Sport will, for obvious reasons, still be my top favourite for the number one spot. Other than that my prediction would be E-LVETS scoring 2nd and mYi coming in 3rd, mirroring the current scoreboard. I know, not really an upsetting forecast, but as it stand the most likely outcome unless we'll witness some upsets (hopefully).

In general mYi, ELV and Arctic still have to step up their game a notch or two to topple eLS from their throne. Personally I would like to see these teams focusing on improving their macro game mainly. Crisp rotations and decisive shot calling are Lausanne's best weapons against their competitors right now.

Well, I am definitely already hyped to see how the end of this first season will pan out and if you're interested to then I would recommend joining us this Sunday, 12 o'clock to see for yourself!

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Time for LoL Relegation and Playoffs

The last matches of the regular season have been played and we are approaching the relegations & playoffs in a fast pace! We are happy to announce that all the dates and modes have been fixed and share this information with you!

SK1 vs. SK2: : In the relegation for SK1, the two lowest placed teams of SK1 face off against the top two teams of SK2.
As Smart Solution Gaming is not playing actively any longer, improve.Gaming is automatically promoted into SK1.

SK2 vs. SK3: In the relegation for SK2, the three lowest placed teams of SK2 face off against the top three teams of SK3.
As we also have a team that has retracted in SK2, Team Two Thunderducks is auto-promoted into SK2.
This leaves the relegation with the following matches, which will be played on the 4th of June in a Bo3 mode:

Playoffs will be held only in SK1 between the top six in the format that can be seen in the following graphic. The Quarter- and Semifinals (Bo3) will be held on the 17th of June, the game for 3rd place (Bo3) and the Grand Finals (Bo5) on the 18th of June.

Please notice that none of these matches can be shifted. If there are any conflicts, please contact the tournament administration as far in advance as possible.

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The PTL CS:GO Season #1 is over and concluded

On the previous Sunday the last matches of the first PTL CS:GO season were held. The top four teams of skill class 1 fought over their final placements.

In the first semi-final Red Instinct and the SILENTGAMING Gs battled each other. Red Instinct took both, their own and the mappick of the SILENTGAMING Gs with a 16:10 endresult.

The second semi-final was a fought between SPGeSports and Berzerk CH. SPG easily won their mappick “de_train” with a 16:5 but got run over by Berzerk CH on the following two maps with endresults of 16:7 and 16:6.

The fight over third place was held off-stream between SILENTGAMING Gs and SPGeSports and took place on de_cache and de_train. SPG won both maps with a scoreline of 16:4 and 16:8.

The grand final then was held between Berzerk CH and Red Instinct. Surprisingly for many viewers those matches were an easy win for Berzerk. They ran through both maps like a storm and secured two clear results with 16:10 and 16:3.

Therefore we now congratulate Berzerk CH for winning the first Prefire the League CS:GO season and with that a prizemoney of 1000 CHF!
Second placed is Red Instinct, winning 5 ZOWIE EC2-A’s & ZOWIE CAMADEs by Gear2Game.
The third place goes to SPGeSports, winning a 250 CHF Gear2Game voucher.
Last but not least we also want to congratulate SILENTGAMING Gs for pushing themselves into the playoffs and making fourth place.

Tom “spIder” Weber of the winner team “Berzerk CH” wrote us a short recap on how he saw the season from his point of view:
“So after a struggling start in the first map of the semis we managed to win the following four maps, which led to a win of the first cs season of prefire_ch league. We had a rough first season with a lot of interruptions in our training schedule because of several inevitable stuff. But we still managed to do it in the end and that’s essential. Overall I’m really happy that prefire took the risk and organized this amazing platform to compete against the best, at least on a national level. I’m also hyped for the next season to start and see how this league grows. There is for sure a lot of work to do, but overall the system works, the players are motivated and the demand is more than existing with so many teams participating. A big thanks from my side to all the people who do this without getting anything from it (at least for now). Special shoutout to the casters like andi, everlast, fe1vel etc who did a great job casting the games, even though they can’t cover all of them, the ones they picked were accompanied very well. I say we had a successful first season not only from my perspective, but especially from a Swiss esports perspective. Cu on the field next season! :D”

At this point we would also like to point out the winners of skill class 2.1.
WhiteCross Gaming became first and won 200 CHF sponsored by Gamerscout and the Suggardaddies took the second place and won 100 CHF sponsored by Inselbaum, congrats to those two!

This first season was a tension filled and amazing time, we want to thank our sponsors and the whole community for making this project such a success! We are already looking forward to the next one ;)

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