Frequently Asked Questions

What can I do on this platform? offers leagues and cups for several games. Browse around and find out if we currently cover your favorite game. We are constantly expanding!

What if I don't have a team?

If you do not have a team you can still register your account on and join our community. You can find new teammates in our Discord server

Are there any Entry Fees or other costs to participate in a League or Cup? is completely for free.

Is there a minimum age to participate in PTL?

No, there is no minimum age to join our league. We suggest to follow the PEGI recommendations. Age restrictions may apply for (offline-) Events and in other cases. Prefire reserves the right to ask players to prove that they fulfill the PEGI recommendations and to disqualify any player and/or team in which such recommendations are not fulfilled.

Do all of the players have to be Swiss?

No, at least 60% of the team needs to have a valid Swiss passport or Type C residence permit. Game Admins may request a team to provide proof.

Can I change my lineup during the season?

Yes, you are able to change your lineup during the season. However, teams in a Skill Class 1 must play with at least 60% of the players from their first game of the season or qualifier for the rest of the season. Further limitations may apply for each game. You can find those informations in the specific game rules. Teams in a Skill Class 2 and below may change their line-up without any limitations at any given time.

Is it planned to make a forum?

We do plan to have some sort of community platform in the future. Until then, we are happy to welcome you on our Prefire Discord server where you can talk, ask questions or look for a team.

Will you add other games or game modes like 1on1, 2on2 or a fun ladder in the near future?

We set our current focus on the professional leagues. However, we are considering implementing other games and game modes in the future. Stay tuned for some fun cups!

When is the default match day?

The default match day may vary from league to league. You can find the corresponding informations in the specific game’s rules.

We can’t play at the default match day. What to do?

Feel free to ask your opponent via Match Comments to have your match up to 7 days before or after the default match day. You must play the match within this period of time. Limitations may apply e.g. if we will stream your game. You can ask a Game Admin for more informations.

Our Opponent did not show up. What do I do?

If your opponent is more than 15min late, you can open a Conflict Ticket where you would enter your results. Make sure you are able to deliver proof of the issue (screenshots with a timestamp for example). A game admin may contact you to resolve this issue.

What can I do if the roster of the opponent is not according to the rules?

If you notice this before the game starts, contact your opponent. You can open a Conflict Ticket where you would enter your results. If you realize it after the game, you need to be able to prove the matter e.g. with a screenshot. A game admin may contact you to resolve the issue.

What do I do if I am not happy with the game’s conditions (e.g. game lags, wrong server settings which are not according to the rules etc.)

You agree to the game conditions with the start of the game. Pause the game if you have issues during the game and try to resolve the situation with your opponent. Make sure to have evidence. If you cannot resolve the situation yourselves, open a Support Ticket and a game admin may contact you to help resolving this issue.

I think our opponent is cheating.

In this case, open a Conflict Ticket. A game admin may ask for demos and all available information to proof your claim. In any case, the presumption of innocence applies.

My opponent entered the wrong result.

Contact a game admin. You must provide evidence to correct the matter (e.g. screenshot).

What skill class can my team join?

As a new team, you usually have to join the lowest skill class and work your way up. If available, we fill open slots in Skill Class 2 and lower. If you would like to claim such a slot, you must send an application to and attest as to why your team should be given the slot (e.g. past results, achievements etc.). A game admin may contact you. Prefire reserves the right to dismiss and/or ignore applications ex proprio motu.

Do you cast PTL games?

Yes, we try to cast at least one game from the Skill Class 1 per week. Casting a Skill Class 1 game remains exclusive to PTL. If you would like to cast a game from a Skill Class 1, send an application to and link to your previous casts to support your request. If you are a streamer or caster and wish to cast a game of a Skill Class 2 or below you can directly get in touch with the team captains. Let us know via or get in touch via Discord if you are planning to cast such a game.

What happens after the season is done?

Depending on your final ranking, you will either gain direct promotion to a higher tier or are relegated to a lower skill class. In some leagues, depending on your rank, you qualify for relegation matches to promote or stay in the skill class. These games start soon after the season. You will find further information in your respectful league's rules booklet. The top teams of a Skill Class 1 will compete in the grand finals. Dates for these events will be published on the website and/or any other social platform. Prefire reserves the right to adapt this rule at any given time.

How many Teams from the same organisation can participate in a Prefire League?

There is a maximum of one Team per Skill Class of a league (e.g. SK1, all SK2.1, SK 2.2 and so on). Prefire keeps the right the right to contact or disqualify any Team which does not follow this rule at any given time.

Who is the owner of a Prefire Slot?

We offer any team two options to organize the ownership of a specific slot:

Option 1 (standard):
The person with the role “Owner” owns the slot and is in charge for all the changes. The Team Captain keeps the slot even if the team disbands.

Option 2:
The Team Captain can add an account to surrogate an organisation (e.g. Hans) or the organisation can create a new account (e.g. HANS-E-SPORT)) and assign it the role “Organisation / Representative”. This account is not allowed to play in any game and is not part of the playing team. The role “Representative Organisation” is the owner of the team and will keep the slot if the team is disbanded. The role “Representative Organisation” is designed to hand a Prefire Slot to an organisation.

The teams and organisations can freely choose between Option 1 and Option 2. The team belongs to the Team Captain as long as the “Representative Organisation” role is not in use. If there are any conflicts, make sure to be able to prove your point (e.g. Screenshots, Contracts etc.). The team will be handed back to the Team Captain if the situation is unclear or not provable.

What happens if a team / player does not follow the rules of Prefire the League?

Prefire reserves the right to ban for any number of games and/or time, disqualify or any other kind of punishment deemed proper (e.g. reduction of price money) for a team and/or player for not complying the rules. Prefire will not inflict a fine as long as the misdemeanour does not compromise the project financially. Prefire values transparency and attempts to be clear about every given situation. However, Prefire is not required to give an explanation or any statement in case of a ban or a disqualification and reserves the right to do ban and/or disqualify ex proprio motu.

I want to change my Nickname. How do I do this?

Contact the support via Discord.

I have a question which is not answered in this FAQ, what do I do?

Feel free to contact us on Discord if you have any open questions.

How can I delete my Account?

Contact the admins on our Discord.

I would like to support this awesome project. How can I do this?

For business inquiries send us an email to If you would like to do a donation you can do this via PayPal ( 100% of all donations are reinvested into our leagues and cups.

Is there another way to support rather than with money?

We are always looking for talent! If you would like to help us manage leagues or cups, writing social media posts, assist us with technical issues or if you would like to generally bring eSports to the next level feel, free to contact us via We are looking forward to your application!


Prefire reserves the right to change any given rule at any time without having to inform the users of this platform. All other rules will stay intact if any of the given rules are not applicable. Prefire has the right to break any given rules if deemed necessary without having to publish an official statement.