About us

Prefire The League is a project spawned by the vast and empty space which was the competitive swiss esports environment. After the end of Gamersnet years ago, swiss gamers had no platform, no focus point inside Switzerland. Everyone with talent and the wish to play competitive games had to look beyond our borders to find leagues, cups and other proper competition.

It is our goal end this misery by offering the swiss gamers what they were so desperately looking for. A central platform which offers cups and serious league competition for the most popular esport titles around. But not only that, due to the skill class system, casual gamers can also enjoy regular league games on their own respective level of skill.

By offering ongoing competition we hope to give the swiss esports scene the boost it so desperately needs to reach the next step on the quest to achieve a professional level. Our dedicated staff strongly believes in the future of swiss esports and works tirelessly to advance it as far as possible.