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The Fall Season 2017 will breed Swiss Champions

Shortly before the fall season of our leagues, we are excited to be able to share the next big step for Prefire the League and Helvetic E-Sports in general.


Fight for the Future - Overwatch is joining us

The next League is here! Fight for the Future & join our first Overwatch League


Rocket League SK 1 invites

Fasten your seatbelts and close your visors! It is time for Rocket League! Prefire is proud to announce the four invited teams of our very first Rocket League season: Servette Geneva E-Sports, Lausanne e-Sports, Whiffmasters and SILENTGAMING.


League of Legends Fall Season

Listen up Summoners! It is time for the Prefire League of Legends Fall Season! we are looking forward to seven weeks of intense battles on the Summoner’s Rift, starting on the 18th of September.


Hearthstone Skill Class 1 Invites#2 the final three

Shuffle your cards and get ready for the final three players of the Prefire Hearthstone Fall Season.

We have some prominent HGG Hearthstone players for you today.


Hearthstone Skill Class 1 invites

Get your decks out - it’s time for Hearthstone. We’re presenting the first five of the eight players of Skill Class 1 for the upcoming Prefire Fall League of Hearthstone.