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Meet the People of PTL at the Zurich Game Show

This weekend, PTL and SILENTGAMING are sharing a stand at the Zurich Game Show to represent the Swiss eSport scene. In a joint operation, we prepared an action-packed program to entertain our eSports fans at the ZGS.


Relegation and Playoffs for RL, CSGO and HS

The PTL Fall Seasons are in full effect and soon, they will enter the next stage.


League of Legends Skill Class 1 Teams

The time has come to introduce you to the teams that made it to the Skill Class 1 in League of Legends for the upcoming Fall Season!


The ZURICH GAME SHOW qualifiers are happening!

We’re almost halfway through September and October is coming near. What does that mean? In just about five weeks the ZURICH GAME SHOW is happening! Be part of it now.


RocketLeague Season Reminder

Rocketeers, friends and fans! You can still join the fun! If you want to show us what you are made of, join our green and perform these aerials and goals! Bring it on! We are ready here at Prefire for you to take the stage and entertain us with your skills.


Butterlan PUBG Tournament

Together with our friends from, we are happy to announce the first PUBG ButterLan Tournament hosted by It already takes place next Saturday, the 9th of September 2017 at 2pm. The tournament is to be played in teams of 2 players, in first person mode and over 5 rounds. A maximum of 50 teams can participate.